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Mochi Recipe

Getting hit by another warmth wave in Brisbane called for Japanese mochi dessert. Japanese mochi frozen yogurt is any kind of dessert wrapped with thin and chewy mochi (rice cake). It’s somewhat similar to finger nourishment in light of the fact that the frozen yogurt isn’t on paddle pops or anything besides you simply get the dessert mochi balls with your fingers. They are super tasty.

yukimi daifuku

The celebrated Japanese mochi frozen yogurt that you can buy in Japan is the Lotte mark “Yukimi Daifuku”. It has been the success frozen yogurt and has been sold in Japan for quite a while. Mochi Frozen yogurt is my little girl’s most loved dessert ever.

Yukimi Daifuku is an incredible name. The thin layer of mochi is generally made out of “Shiratamako” in Japan yet in the event that you live outside of Japan like me, “Shiratamako” isn’t generally accessible.

which flour to utilize?

In Australia, Shiratamako is accessible from Japanese supermarkets and Glutinous Rice Flour, which is another choice, is accessible from customary markets. You can utilize both to make Japanese mochi dessert. Be that as it may, what is the contrast amongst Shiratamako and Glutinous rice flour? They are both made out of Sticky rice or Sweet rice which is called “Mochi-amusement (mo-chi-go-may)” mochi rice. In spite of the fact that they are both made out of similar ingredients, the way toward influencing Shiratamako and Glutinous rice to flour is unique.

altanative to shiratamako : mochiko 

Glutinous rice flour is less expensive (around 2 A$) and promptly accessible from significant grocery stores in Australia. Be that as it may, for making such fragile mochi dessert, I would go for Shiratamako and pay somewhat more (about A$6). The surface of the thin mochi is extremely smooth and stretches well when it folds over the frozen yogurt in light of the fact that the way Shiratamako is made. Shiratamako molecule is better and littler than it’s of less expensive choices glutinous rice flour or Mochiko. I have not seen it here in Brisbane but rather there is a comparative item called “Mochiko “, which is like Glutinous rice flour. It is made out of similar ingredients however Shiratamako works better in light of the surface that Shiratamako can make.

ice cream flavour choices

I utilized strawberry, matcha, and dark sesame dessert for the photographs and they are the standard kind of frozen yogurt I have in my cooler. I didn’t influence matcha and dark sesame to frozen yogurt for this post however in the event that I had time I would have made the matcha and dark sesame dessert myself. In Japan, each of the three flavors are accessible from Haagen Dazs however here matcha and dark sesame season are not sold.

tips to make mochi ice cream successfully 

Japanese mochi dessert isn’t super hard to make in the event that you be watchful with a few stages. It requires a liberal measure of Katakuriko so the mochi does not adhere to your fingers and makes it less hard to deal with. Dessert ought to be scooped out into the shape and well solidified before it is wrapped up with the thin mochi. Additionally, I ought not have made Japanese mochi frozen yogurt when we had the warmth wave in spite of the fact that we were so edgy to eat chilly nourishment to chill ourselves off.


  • 90 g Shiratamako
  • 180 ml water
  • 50 g caster sugar
  • 80 g Katakuriko(potato starch) or cornstarch
  • 300 g Frozen yogurt of your decision

Metric – US Standard

Instructions :

1.Scoop frozen yogurt around 30g each with a dessert/treat mixture scooper into an aluminum thwart layered little biscuit tin and keeps them in the cooler until its prepared to wrap with mochi

Making mochi sheets

1.Place Shiratamako, sugar, and water into a microwave safe bowl and blend all of them along.

2.Loosely wrap the bowl with stick wrap and microwave the mix on 600w for two minutes.

3.Take out the bowl and blend the blend with a spatula and place the stick wrap again and microwave on a similar setting for 1 and half minutes.

4.Transfer the cooked mochi to a readied work surface liberally tidied with Katakuriko (potato starch).

5.Dust more Katakuriko (potato starch) over the mochi keeping in mind the end goal to keep the mochi adhering to your fingers and the moving pin. Press the mochi down to spread the mochi and roll meagerly with a moving pin.

6.Cut out the mochi into round shapes utilizing a round cutout around 9cm(3.54inch) in distance across. It should make around 10 round mochi sheets.

7.Place some stick wrap on a kitchen seat or a work surface and place a round mochi sheet at that point lay another layer of stick wrap to finish everything and another mochi sheet. Rehash the procedure for all mochi sheets.

8.Refrigerate the mochi sheets to enable it to chill off totally for no less than 30 minutes.

Wrapping dessert with mochi sheets

1.Take the mochi sheets out of the ice chest. Place one mochi sheet with a stick wrap underneath on a kitchen seat or a work surface.

2.Dust the abundance katakuriko (potato starch) off the mochi sheet with a baked good brush.

3.Place one frozen yogurt scoop over the mochi sheet. Lift up the mochi sheet to convey to the best and squeeze them all together to seal the mochi sheet.

4.Wrap entire mochi frozen yogurt with the stick wrap and bend them at the best and set it back in the cooler. Rehash a similar procedure for the remaining.

5.Let the frozen yogurt solidify again for a couple of hours.

6.Leave the Japanese mochi frozen yogurt for a couple of minutes at room temperature before eating with a specific end goal to let the mochi sheets relax.

Recipes Notes

Shiratamako is the best suit to influence Mochi To dessert however in the event that you can’t get to this ingredients, it can be supplanted with Mochiko or glutinous flour.

Any kind of frozen yogurt can be utilized.

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