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Japanese Curry Recipe

The Japanese Curry Powder Blend: the Mystery Revealed!

Japanese curry is a standout amongst other solace dishes you can envision. Sadly, the powder blend to make it isn’t generally accessible in the event that you live outside of Japan. So here is a formula for it that utilizations flavors you are most likely comfortable with. I’ve additionally incorporated a fundamental formula for you to make the curry. Japanese curry solid shapes purchased at the general store frequently have added substances and MSGs, so by making it yourself, you can dodge these fake flavors and taste Japan’s legitimate curry.

Essentially combine the accompanying powders and you’re finished!

– 8 tbsp of cumin

– 3 tbsp of turmeric

– 4 tbsp of coriander

– 4 tbsp of cardamon

– 2 tsp of fenugreek

– 2 tsp of nutmeg

– 2 tsp of cinnamon

– 2 tsp of allspice

– 1 tsp of clove

– 1 tsp shrub


This influences a curry to powder that is significantly milder than the Indian or Thai ones since there are no hot ingredients, for example, hot pepper powder. Don’t hesitate to include a few on the off chance that you like your curry zesty.


For the Japanese Curry

Here is the thing that you’ll need and how to do it!

– 400 g. hamburger or chicken cut into nibble estimated solid shapes

– 2 onions, cut

– 3 tbsp of curry powder (the one you made or locally acquired)

– 2 carrots cut into chomp measured pieces

– 2 potatoes cut into nibble estimated pieces

– 3 tbsp of vegetable oil

– 3 mugs hamburger stock (can be produced using consomme)

– 2 tbsp soy sauce

– 2 tbsp tomato glue

– 3 tbsp of spread

– 3 tbsp of flour

– Salt to taste

Stage 1: Daintily cut the onions and sear them in 2 tbsp of oil in a pot until translucid.

Stage 2: Include the curry powder, 1 tbsp of oil and the meat. Broil somewhat more.

Stage 3: Include the meat soup, soy sauce, tomato glue, potatoes, and carrots. Convey to bubble at that point stew for 15 minutes.

Stage 4: In a different sauce-container, dissolve the spread at that point add the flour to it. Combine until the point that you accomplish a thick glue.

Stage 5: Take this glue and consolidate it into your curry pot. Blend well until the point that the glue has mixed into the curry and the surface has thickened!

Stage 6: Add salt to taste. You can likewise include Japanese dashi powder, in the event that you have a few, for an additional essence of umami!

Voila! Japanese curry is frequently eaten with white rice as a backup.


When you got its hang, you can analyze utilizing diverse ingredients to make your own unique creation or to adjust the dish to your dietary limitations.

Veggie lover Japanese Curry

Supplant the meat by including your most loved vegetables, and the hamburger stock with a vegetable soup and make it a brilliant veggie lover curry.

Udon Japanese Curry

Another moderately mainstream approach to eat this curry in Japan is with udon noodles. Just heat up your noodles until delicate, empty the water out of them and add them to your curry for an alternate wind to your dish.

Make it a Katsu Kare (Japanese Curry with Pork Cutlets)

This is another mainstream dish in Japan. It’s usually called the katsu (cutlets) kare (curry). Over the curry dish, breaded, southern style pork cutlets are included. It tastes astonishing!

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