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Congee Recipe

The most effective method to Influence Congee To rice Porridge

Have you at any point had congee? This luxurious, appetizing rice porridge is a regular breakfast in China — and without a doubt, in numerous parts of the world, where it passes by names like jook, khao tom moo, and arroz caldo. Clearly, in case you’re not as of now up to date with regards to this breakfast, you would be advised to tune in up. You’re in for a genuine treat.

At its heart, congee is a ultra-basic dish. Stew a little measure of rice in a lot of water for a few hours, and you have congee. It’s velvety, rich, and best eaten with a spoon. Tanumihardja revealed to me that there is no particular proportion of rice to fluid when making congee. She suggests beginning with one measure of dry rice and six measures of fluid, at that point including more fluid or stewing for longer until the point that you achieve a consistency and a surface that you like. Likewise, the all the more as often as possible you blend, the more the rice will separate and end up smooth.

Making Congee a Dinner:

To give congee more flavor and lavishness, you can stew the rice in chicken stock, or even toss a couple of chicken pieces or remaining bones into the pot to stew alongside the rice. You can pull the cooked meat off the bones toward the end and mix them into the porridge.

Congee is additionally for the most part presented with different garnishes, as seared shallots, cut green onions, salted mustard cabbage, or a poached egg. Tanumihardja recollects her mom mixing “a crude egg into a sizzling dish of congee, and it would cook and shape smooth strings in the hot blend.”

Congee is typically filled in as a breakfast nourishment, yet you can likewise have it for lunch, supper, or even a late-night nibble. Attempt a bowl of congee in case you’re wiped out, as well.

Congee, Your Direction

Over and over in our discussion, Tanumihardja stressed that congee is a dinner that is about individual inclination. Have some chicken wings? Toss those in. Need to have a go at making congee with dark colored rice or quinoa? Pull out all the stops. Have some kimchi that necessities eating? Heap it on. There’s no set in stone path here! Begin with this essential Recipes, and afterward begin attempting varieties in light of what you have in your kitchen and what you’re longing for.

Flush the rice: Place the rice in a huge strainer or colander and wash it under cool water. The water going through the rice will generally look smooth at to begin with, yet will then move toward becoming clearer. It’s fine if there’s still some murkiness in the water.

The most effective method to Make Congee


  • 1 glass rice — any sort
  • 6 containers chicken stock, vegetable stock, or water
  • Optional, for more extravagant congee: remaining cooked chicken wings or bones from a simmered chicken, skin evacuated
  • Optional trims:
  • Soy sauce
  • Sesame oil
  • Thinly cut green onions
  • Wilted greens
  • Soft-or hard-bubbled egg
  • Leftover cooked chicken, pork, or meat
  • Fried garlic
  • Fried shallots
  • Pickled vegetables
  • Equipment
  • Strainer
  • 2-to 4-quart pot with top

Instructions :

1.Rinse the rice: Place the rice in a substantial strainer or colander and flush it under cool water. The water going through the rice will normally look smooth at to begin with, yet will then move toward becoming clearer. It’s fine if there’s still some cloudiness in the water.

2.Combine the rice and cooking fluid in the pan. In case you’re utilizing any chicken bones, add them to the pot now.

3.Bring to a bubble, at that point lessen to a stew and mostly cover.

4.Continue stewing for around 1/2 hours: Blend the congee once in a while amid cooking — this will make it more rich. On the off chance that the porridge is getting somewhat hardened, or in the event that you’d like a looser porridge, include additionally cooking fluid. The congee is prepared when the rice is as delicate and porridgy as you lean toward.

5.Remove any bones and shred the meat: On the off chance that you utilized any chicken bones, haul them out of the congee. Shred the meat and blend it once again into the congee.

6.Serve the congee: Spoon the congee into singular bowls and trimming with whatever fixings you like.

Recipes Notes

Remaining congee can be kept in the cooler for up to 5 days. Warm in the microwave or on the stovetop, and mix in some additional cooking fluid to slacken it up, if necessary.

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